General Overvier

"Onyx" Ltd is the only enterprise in Ukraine which produces frectional motor of OKA 56/P type.

"Politechprom" Ltd enterprise was organized on basis of "Onyx" Ltd productions to secure a closed production type and release household appliances.

At the present moment the activity of the enterprises is production of fractional motors and complex household appliances. A special type of activity is production of ecologically clean fuel - fuel pellets, billets and equipment for their production.

"Onyx" and "Politechprom" Ltd have all the necessary equipment, material base and qualifed staff resources. All industrial premises are our property, so as the land lots.

The production is supplied with all the necessary types of utilities - 2 substations of 1200 kVa capacity.

The territory of Alliance enterprises is placed in the III industrial zone of Mykolaiv, 2 km from city bus terminal and a railway station supplied with the needed approach ways.

A 2 floored industrial building of more that 3 000 square meters and an administrative 4 floored building of more that 1 000 square meters are free and ready for maintenance.

We also have some free territory with possible fast building of cascade buildings.

The equipment park counts around 100 items, including thermoplastic automatic machines (with injection volume from 125 to 5000 cc), crank presses, hydraulic presses(up tu 150 t force). double-action presses (for deep extraction of metal), press automatic machines (100 t force), pressure casting machine for aluminum composition, wide range of equipment for cold processing of metals.

The bigger part of rhe equipment was released before 2000. All equipment items are in working condition and accords to passport data.

Since the beginning of their activity the enterprises have recommended themselves as manufacturers of quality and reliable products, working with native and foreign partners, for example Moldavian enterprises "ElektroMachine", "VibroPribor", Italian "Vibro-Electrik".

The Alliance of enterprises if ready to consider offers from projecting to organization of mass production. The formation of a new enterprise is also quite possible.

"Onyx" | "Polytechprom" | 54018, Ukraine, Mykolaiv, str. Starokrepostnaya, 1-A, 5-A