Our technological capabilities

- manufacturing of industrial equipment and tools at the customer's drawings.

- manufacturing drawings tooling (dies, Casting forms, molds) and tools by the Customer.

- casting alloys Al (weight up to 1.0 kg)

- pressing and molding of plastic products and rubber compounds.

- stamping of sheet materials.

- EDM metal

- the heat treatment of metals

- turning, milling, grinding, jig boring work

Industrial tools

Our company was launched shop tooling. Within three months, it released the first serial stamp for the manufacture of sheets of the stator and the rotor, the mold for the manufacture of bearing shields of aluminum alloy for asynchronous motors.

One of the advantages offered by the placement of an order with us for the manufacture of industrial equipment, - is the ability to immediately test it. The company has a wide range of technological equipment: injection molding machine with an injection volume 125-5000 cm3, double-action press, machines for injection molding products from ferrous and aluminum alloys.

If necessary, it is also possible to master batch or small-scale production for your technical and technological documentation, or develop the one for your orders, taking into account the various options for cooperation.

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