"Agate" Domestic Washing Machine of SM-2 Type

"Agate" domestic washing machine of SM-2 type is manufactured in compliance with DSTU 2721-94 (GOST 8051-93), TUU 02756067.002-98.

It is designed for washing and rinsing of articles of all fabric types.

A support to place the washing machine inside a bath is available (to be supplied optionally). "Agate'' SM-2 is manufactured in two modifications: with timer RV-6 (that provides activator rotation in one direction), and with cyclic timer RVTs-50-1 (two-directional rotation of activator).


Basic technical data

Rated dry laundry load, kg 2
Rated voltage, V 220
Rated network frequency, Hz 50
Rated power consumption, W 370
Overall dimensions, mm 450x455x500
Mass, kg, no more than 15

Washing time: from 1 till 6 minutes.

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